Olivia Wilde spoke to MTV recently and for the first time officially confirmed what we reported back in October, that she had met with Ridley Scott and discussed Alien Prequel. Wilde all but stated she is on a shortlist. The actress also discussed how Sigourney Weaver's portrayal of Ripley in Alien hugely inspired her portrayal of Quorra in Tron: Legacy. Wilde mentioned Weaver's ability to channel energy and how she handled the role "being powerful at the same time as being vulnerable and being intelligent and unpredictable" not to mention the role was originally intended for a man. Wilde praised Weaver for not limiting herself "to whats been given to you but by manifesting your success." 

When asked about how she felt about Ridley returning to the franchise Wilde remarked "whats cooler than that? I don't know!" Wilde is a serious frontrunner with Noomi Rapace and I get the feeling that 20th century Fox are waiting to see how Tron: Legacy fares before making any major decisions. This week has seen a lot of movement with H.R Giger returning to the franchise and a Director of Photography coming aboard. Things are getting exciting again despite recent delays and erroneous reports theres something a brewing.


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