Another day another long gaze into the void. Yesterday Vulture published an article in which they claimed to know Alien Prequel's actual title: "Paradise" and they discredited albeit in kinda contradictory way reports of a delay in the production. Today Fox say otherwise.

Vulture claimed their source, their funky sounding "Insiders familiar with the situation" told them so. Today Twentieth Century Fox themselves have chosen to address the statement from Vulture though twitter. Chris Petrikin, the senior vice president of corporate communications at Twentieth Century Fox, has been communicating with several people about the article by Vulture. He tweeted:

“I don’t know where to begin to correct what is being written about a certain Ridley Scott project…” 

In a tweet to Drew McWeeny of, it read, “I know, that was partially just in jest…and it’s not called Paradise…answers soon.”

Petriken further tweeted to, “It’s not two films…can you hear me now?” 

To NapierNews, he tweeted, “Will have all answers soon enough, but if you notice, in the Vulture report you quote, no one ever confirmed with Fox.” And to HitFix, he tweeted, “I guess that’s my issue: try to correct now or just let it play out until everything is set? Sometimes either tact works.”

Well its at least some statement from Fox, albeit now they are referring to Scott's [now back to original] Alien Prequel in the singular i.e that their may be one Alien Prequel.

Updates as they happen.

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