Ridley Scott's [ALIEN PREQUELS] Stall for the Second time

Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel #1 & #2 have both been pushed back a full twelve months to 2013 & 2014. There has been no official explanation from Fox or Scott's camp. This comes two months after their first publicized fallout over budgetary and rating criteria.

Updated: Scroll to end of article.

Confidence surrounding the project has been a little fragile recently with obvious internal conflict still lingering, 2013 would see the first film coming out a full year later than originally projected our source close to the production revealed. Scott stated back in early November "It’s written and budgeted and, frankly, we’ve already booked film stages in England, so I think [it will happen soon]."

Then a week later FX Supervisor Henry South confirmed via his twitter that production design had in fact already began. Principle photography was due to start in February 2011 with actresses Noomi Rapace and Olivia Wilde being seen as the film's frontrunner's, having both met with Scott Fox. Early reaction to the stall is mixed as both Fox and Scott have been reportedly happy with Damon Lindelof's re-working of Jon Spaihts screenplay, there are even rumors of Pyramid set construction underway in northern Africa. So whats happening? Well Alien 3 also had its first announced release date pushed back but that delay came down to story development.

Update: Its being reported by Vulture [NYBlog] that their "Insiders familiar with the situation" tell them that the push back was "merely the echo of a failed effort to cast the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio" [nice tragic ring to it] i.e DiCaprio was at one point attached to star, which led to Ridley Scott's production house Scott Free making an adjustment/ push back to accommodate him as the films production schedule conflicts his confirmed schedule with Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar Hoover biopic. mmm Doesn't really make our original report of a push back "incorrectly, it turns out" does it. P.S are you saying its a remake or a prequel or what? NYBlog...  Read more:

Update: #2. 20th Century Fox have now confirmed that Alien Prequel will not in fact be called "Paradise" as Vulture claim. 

Update: #3. Further reported by theplaylist who were "told by a source close to the production that some’ of the casting thoughts reported by Vulture were just plain wrong,” so don’t hold your breath for Michelle Yeoh or Michael Fassbender appearing in the final product".

In the words of thefilmstage: "As for you, Vulture, I ain’t a-sayin’ you treated me unkind, you coulda’ done better, but, I don’t mind. You just kinda’ wasted my precious time, but don’t think twice, it’s all right. Anyway, moving on…"

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