Vulture are reporting that their "insiders familiar with the situation" [kinda groovy sounding] tell them that the delay to Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel is merely the "echo of a failed effort to cast Leonardo DiCaprio". They state that there was some "talk" at Scott's production house Scott Free of pushing back production to accommodate DiCaprio's schedule.

Dicaprio is confirmed to begin production in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar Hoover in February 2011. This would obviously conflict with shooting a biopic back-to-back with Scott’s two-part Alien prequelErgo ..Delay. This would make sense as both Scott and Fox were satisfied with Damon Lindelof's script and made no public response to the reported stalling to the film which according to Vulture is now titled "Paradise". Lindelof's script was a re-working of Jon Spaihts Alien Harvest & at one point was referred to as Alien the Xenomorph.

Vulture go on to state their will be no "push" to next year and that Paradise reboots the original Alien franchise, in that the story follows a group of space travelers who encounter a "monstrous alien creature" that picks them off, one by one. This is an obvious change from Lindelof's reworked Alien Harvest [Spaihts] but the site confusingly refers to film as a "reboot" to further an all too familiar synopsis. Is this now a remake of Alien? Vulture also states that Noomi Rapace has been the front-runner for the role of “Elizabeth Shaw,” the film’s main character, which we reported back in August. Vulture give a bit more story detail including info about an android "David" an earlier version of the Bishop 341-B character that Lance Henriksen famously played in Aliens. Most likely Weyland.

Scott was interested in Michael Fassbender for a part, but Fassbender's reps had sought such an high amount of money for their client and that the director hoped to give the part of “Vickers” a fortysomething, tough-but-sexy woman to actress Michelle Yeoh. There is also the part of Engineer 1, who we’re told is to be "played" by a six-foot-five-inch actor, but will actually be entirely CGI.

While this news is quite new, parts have been around for some time, the second stalling in the prequels production was quite unfounded but adjusting the shooting schedule to accommodate DiCaprio makes sense [even if it is a little suspect considering the budget approximated]. Earlier today we received word that Fox are considering releasing the Alien Prequels exclusively for 3D theaters. So overall its been a very good day for Alien Prequels as it looks like Scott gets to make the film he wants to and the films push to 2013 may not be happening after all.

Update: Chris Petrikin, the senior vice president of corporate communications at Twentieth Century Fox has denied that Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel will be titled "Paradise".

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