Mia Wasikowska & Clive Owen Offered Lead Roles in Spike Lee's 'OLDBOY' Remake!

Mia Wasikowska has reportedly been offered the female lead role Marie in Spike Lee's upcoming remake of Park Chan-Wook's 'Asia Extreme' psychological thriller Oldboy. The Korean auteur actually already cast Wasikowska in his English language debut Stoker earlier this year. Last month it was confirmed that Colin Firth had been offered the lead villain role but the actor passed on the role, now according to twitchFilm Clive Owen is being offered the part. Josh Brolin will play 'Oldboy' & apparently this remake will be darker than the original which will take quite some work. The thriller follows a man who is kidnapped on his daughter’s birthday and held for 15 years in solitary confinement without explanation. Upon his release, he goes on a revenge-fuelled mission to seek out his captor. He soon finds out that his kidnapper has plans for him more tortuous than solitary confinement.

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