What Exactly did Gillian Anderson say about 'X-FILES 3' in Australia?

God damn it, one minute your relaxing on an alligator skinned chez lounge drinking Cocoa thinking about breasts, the next the whole world is being fed some serious carrot sticks. Yesterday reportedly Gillian Anderson aka Delicious Dana Scully revealed the third instalement of the X-Files movie series was due to hit screens in 2012. Well not quite, Anderson did recently speak to Kylie Speer, a super Australian TV presenter & celebrity interviewer about Johnny English Reborn getting a release in Australia in which Anderson plays a part & today we know exactly what the actress said. Hit the jump if you care about the truth or Australia.
Gillian Anderson: "We’re hoping to, that’s something that we’ve said from the beginning, that we’d be interested in doing it [X-Files 3] if it ever came up again. I know that there are some discussions about it, I have no idea at what stage. There might a script, or how interested Fox is in doing it. We’re all hoping that it’s something that might take place. But they better hurry. 2012, which is the perfect subject matter is coming up quickly."
The video interview can be viewed here. A little 'prop' to that fine ale drinking blogsite BleedingCool for ringing the alarm bells. Just remember Scriptflags is serious news for serious people.

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