First Images Of Marion Cotillard's Role In 'THE DARK KNIGHT RISES' Suggests She Is A Villain!

More new images from The Dark Knight Rises sets in Pittsburgh have arrived, giving a first look at Marion Cotillard's character 'Miranda Tate' in Christopher Nolan's final Bat flick in the current franchise. Tate is a board member in Wayne Enterprises, but judging from the set being prepared for her scene, rumors suggest that there is more to her character than just a board member. Many of us here have been convinced for a long time that she is in fact daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, 'Talia'. Hit the jump to check them out.

One picture shows Cotillard walking down the steps of Gotham City Hall with a gun-armed soldier trailing behind her. Another image, meanwhile, sees her escorted by an armed guard as she walks past dead bodies, another image climbing the hood of a camouflaged Tumbler. Whats also very revealing is the fact she is dressed in a sari just like Talia. To find out more about Talia Al Ghul & her role in the Comic series go here.

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