Aliens: Colonial Marines is Sega's highly anticipated upcoming title based on the cult big screen franchise. Gearbox not only released a teaser trailer for the Game at this years E3 in Los Angeles but they also previewed a live demo [played by their representative] at the convention. Hit the jump for the details and a couple of new Images from the Game.

The story begins inside a damaged marine ship that is hurtling towards a planet [LV-426]. The Vessel's crash lands to the surface below. The Marine unit is deployed and investigate the ravaged remains of a terraforming colony [Hadley's Hope from Aliens 1986].

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, refers to Colonial Marines as the "true sequel to Aliens." Not disregarding Alien 3, James Cameron's Aliens was about well-armed, well-trained soldiers killing hundreds of Aliens while Alien 3 was one sentinel Alien against a group of untrained survivors. Not quiet a Game of the same calibre. And that's definitely not the tone of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Gearbox's Colonial Marines features drop in and drop out co-operative play for up to four players. The excellent motion sensor is back, but the hitch being that you have to shoulder your rifle while operating the sensor. In the demo, the familiar ping heralded death and a desperate fight for survival against hordes of Xenomorphs plus a totally new variant: The Crusher, a huge bulking Rhino like Xenomorph with heavy armor.

The battle forced a hasty retreat as the Marines found refuge in the armory which housed pulse rifles and auto turrets, Excellent. The demo ended with the arrival of the Alien Queen entering the foray and basically reducing all sundry to mince meat. Gearbox and SEGA® also announced that they are prototyping a version of Aliens: Colonial Marines for Nintendo's recently announced Wii U. Aliens: Colonial Marines will be released Spring 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

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