Modern Warfare 3 despite not being released until this November is already being billed as the "Biggest Game of 2011". Despite the friction behind the scenes, the breakup of the original developer Infinity Ward who created the "Modern Warfare" franchise title [as opposed to the inferior developer Treyarc who were behind Call of Duty /World at War & Black Ops.] MW3 is heading our direction and fast. Activision, Infinity Ward and Sledge Hammer who already released a Teaser Trailer for MW3 at this years E3 in Los Angeles have just given a preview of a new "Spec Ops" mode titled: "Survival" featured in the upcoming game at this years Expo. The original "Spec Ops" option was Modern Warfare 2's little surprise package, an offline set of challenging, self-contained co-op missions based around maps from the campaign. Kind of like if your internet goes bust and you want that same micro challenge experience that Live can deliver so well [amongst many others]. Hit the jump to check out details of the new version.

The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare "Spec Ops Survival mode" is similar to MW2 whereby you and a partner fight off increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Treyarc's Call of Duty: Black Ops included the "Zombie mode". 

The mode like before is designed for two players. The levels are taken directly from the multiplayer maps. You and your partner begin armed with nothing more than a simple pistol. The longer you survive and kill oncoming enemies the better your weapons become. Plus with each kill you earn points, and the more points you get, you will receive perks, such as if you kill five enemies without taking damage you earn Kill-streaks points [Note: these are not the same as Live traditional Kill-streaks.] You can earn "Rampage points" and several other various rewards such as cash for upgrades. You can also access boxes scattered around the map to purchase items [Similar to Care-Packages] starting with new weapons. You can pay to upgrade your weapons with like a scope and a grenade launcher for example between rounds. 

The longer you survive and progress the more powerful and dangerous your opposition becomes. Your Perks also become more advanced, the boxes include familiar traditional killstreaks including attack dogs and sentry guns but as you progress you will get access to boxes including Perks like "Delta Team", which will send in four AI controlled Special Forces Soldiers who remain with you until they die.

The Opposition grows to ridiculous levels of difficulty as helicopters attack, juggernaut soldiers in full body armor attack and suicide enemies with C4 strapped to their chests enter the fray. Then my favorite dogs strapped with C4 explosives.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on 8th November.

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