In August we reported that Warner Bros offered Marion Cottiliard the role of Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. MovieMikes recently caught up with model/ actress Tanit Phoenix, who gave up some interesting info on her career and future films.

Mike Gencarelli [MovieMikes]: Was it surreal working with such a well-known actor as Corey Feldman in The Lost Boys 3: The Thirst?

Tanit Phoenix: "I had been watching Corey in films since I was a kid. My favorites were The Goonies and Stand By Me. So when this project presented itself in South Africa, and being a fan of those films, obviously I wanted to work with Corey and see the kind of person and actor he truly was."

MG: Were you a fan of the original Lost Boys?

TP: "I was a huge fan of the film with Kiefer Sutherland. Such a cult classic."

MG: Can you tell us what it was like working with Jared Leto and Nicholas Cage on Lord of War?

TP: "I played Jared’s love interest in this film. There was immediate on screen chemistry as we had spent some time off set getting to know each other. He was very passionate about teaching me some of what he knew in terms of acting, as it was my very first film I’d ever acted in. Nicolas Cage is a wonderful man. He was very sweet and kind. I was somewhat star struck at the time. I could not believe that my very first acting job would be with my film hero!"

MG: Death Race 2 is next. Are you driving in it? Fun movie to do?

TP: "I play Katrina Banks, an ex military sniper sent to prison for killing her superior officer. I am forced, by the prison warden, to navigate the mustang with the lead actor, played by Luke Goss. So no, I could not drive myself, although my father used to race cars and I am experienced in handling fast machines. It was a great film to be a part of, I became very good friends with Danny Trejo. I also got to do some amazing stunt scenes."

MG: You’re in the TV series Femme Fatales, what can you tell us about it?

TP: “Femme Fatales is a 13 part anthology series based on woman who kill men. I booked the lead role, Lilith, who narrates each episode. I play a small part in every show, like the ‘devil’ on the audiences shoulder and I lead you on a journey. I show who these woman are and what enables them to kill, and in the 13th episode the audience discovers why I have been following these woman. Very sexy, dark, mysterious and fun!"

MG: You’re a firm fan favorite to play… well, two superheroes…. Wonder Woman and Catwoman. What is it about those roles that interests you?

TP: "Any film directed by Chris Nolan I would be the first in line to audition for a role. He is an incredible director. Catwoman is a definite dichotomy. She is athletic and fearless, yet sexy and feminine…a strong female protagonist. Not only beautiful and deadly but incredibly smart. She is a daredevil with a mischievous don’t mess with me attitude. Playing this character would be so much work to give her character the justice shedeserves, and yet so much fun. Both parts are about empowered woman, but there is a very exciting mythology to the character of Wonder woman that I would love to explore. Her character is worldy, and I want to bring her to life in a way no one has seen Wonder Woman before. I feel her back story needs to be explored, where she came from, and she used to have a family and has made some difficult choices to be a superhero.. and of course you’ll learn there is something mysterious about her. Plus her wardrobe has changed, no more golden cuffs and high wasted hot pants, which is great. I feel this gives her a more serious appeal to a widerrange of people."

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