Director Joseph Kosinski Talks Up 'TRON 3'!

Things are gathering pace for the next Tron installment with Garrett Hedlund this week confirming that he will be reprising his role as Sam Flynn, the son of the original TRON's Kevin Flynn [Jeff Bridges]. Earlier this month the studios also made the announcement that screenwriter Jesse Wigutow is penning the script. Now director Joseph Kosinski gave up some info to MTV about the third movie in the franchise. Hit the jump for the details.
Joseph Kosinski: "We've got an idea for the next movie that's really exciting to me, I mean, obviously, the only reason to go back would be if we could do something spectacular and really push the ideas forward that we had established in 'Legacy.' We have an idea and an approach and a way into it that I'm really excited about, and now it's about execution on the level of the script. So working hard on that in the background, and hopefully that'll all come together. It's still the same plan in that 'Tron 3' would deliver on the promises set up at the end of 'Legacy' in different ways. You look at what happened in the closing scenes of 'Legacy'; I think it sets a clear direction for what could happen in the next chapter."
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