Check Out The Awesome First Episode in Bryan Singer's Apocalyptic Digital Web Series 'H+'!

Bryan Singer's [produced] web series H+ The Digital Series has finally seen the light of day. Scripted in 2006, Singer boarded in 2007 to produce. The first episode debuted yesterday & the first two episodes are online to check out. Based in a not too distant future where people are constantly connected to the internet through a device that is implanted directly into the brain via an Irish BioTech start-up. A virus is unleashed on the network 33% of the human population dies instantly. There will be 48 3 to 6 minute episodes that follow 14 characters across 12 countries over the course of a decade. Created & written by John Cabrera & Cosimo De Tommaso, directed by Stewart Hendler the H+ can be subscribed to here. Hit the jump for the details.
Synopsis: "A groundbreaking new series by acclaimed producer Bryan Singer, H+: The Digital Series takes viewers on a journey into an apocalyptic future where technology has begun to spiral out of control... a future where the world's population has retired its cell phones and laptops in favor of a stunning new device by Hplus Nano Teoranta, an innovative technology company that has found a way to connect the Internet to the human mind 24 hours a day."

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