More Details On Sam Mendes' 'SKYFALL' Emerge!

Fans of James Bond have been tapping their toes for years now waiting for the upcoming installment; Skyfall in the Bond series -- with over three years passing since Quantum of Solace hit movie theaters -- but they at least have a target date now of October 26th, 2012 for the international premiere, with a short delay before it hits theaters in the US this November 9th. Academy Award winner Sam Mendes is handling the directing duties & Daniel Craig is back for his third shot at playing 007, with supporting roles going to Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench, & Javier Bardem. Hit the jump for the details.

Skyfall has had a long & winding path to theaters, with delays plaguing it throughout the way but the 23rd movie in the very successful Bond franchise isn’t revealing its cards despite the long wait, with few details emerging as far as what to expect, or if you’ll see the standard Bond play casino in elegant settings. Casino action made Casino Royale a popular pick for Top 5 Classic Casino Movies lists online but it’s very likely that Skyfall will show a different side of Bond, as one of the few details to emerge so far is that Daniel Craig will be taking the Bond character into slightly different waters this time around, playing up the humorous side of the character much more than in the past. A teaser trailer for Skyfall was released on May 21st but still left more questions about what the new film will look like, as it’s heavy on intrigue & hints but short on answers. Bond & M are shown at various points in the trailer trying to deal with painful events from their past, including a scene with M shown in a room filled with flag-draped caskets -- possibly foreshadowing for the rumor circulating that Skyfall will be the end of the road for M. There are also a few sneak peeks at new Bond girls Bérénice Marlohe & "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Naomie Harris, but for the most part the trailer is careful to keep most big elements tightly under wraps, with Bond fans having to wait until the movie premieres to get the real scoop on all the action. Skyfall also falls at a fortuitous time in the arc of Bond films, as it falls on the 50th anniversary of the very first Bond flick. Special events & celebrations are planned around the world to commemorate the occasion, including plans to screen Skyfall in IMAX theaters -- a first for any Bond movie!

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