"You’re Going To See His Eyes!" Joel Kinnaman Talks The New 'ROBOCOP'!

Joel Kinnaman who recently signed on to basically play a robot in Jose Padilha's reboot of RoboCop has opened up a little on the concepts which will be implemented in the new re-imagining of the sc--fi project. Kinnaman spoke today with MTV & dropped a few details about his upcoming role as Officer Alex Murphy. Is it really that hard to play an object? Hit the jump for the details.

Joel Kinnaman: "There's a lot of neuroscience now raising the question, 'Is all the intelligence in the human body in the brain?'" Kinnaman explains, "and they’re finding out that, no, it’s not like that. The body has intelligence itself, and we’re much more of an organic creature in that way. It's not a control tower that does everything."

Kinnaman also revealed that the humanity of Murphy will be played up in ways that include a redesign of the RoboCop costume:

Joel Kinnaman: "It’s a re-imagination of it. There’s a lot of stuff from the original. There are some details and throwbacks, but this version is a much better acting piece, for Alex Murphy and especially when he is RoboCop. It’s much more challenging. They’re still working on the suit and how it’s going to look, but the visor is going to be see-through," he continues. "You’re going to see his eyes... It's not going to be jaw action."

Director Jose Padilha stated earlier this year: 

Jose Padilha: "I have my take on it and I can tell you this: In the first 'RoboCop' when Alex Murphy is shot, gunned down, then you see some hospitals and stuff and then you cut to him as RoboCop. My movie is between those two cuts. How do you make RoboCop? How do you slowly bring a guy to be a robot? How do you actually take humanity out of someone and how do you program a brain, so to speak, and how does that affect an individual?"
RoboCop hits theaters August 9th 2013.

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