The First Official Trailer for Steve McQueen's 'SHAME' starring Michael Fassbender!

The first official trailer for Shame has arrived. The movie is the second collaboration between Michael Fassbender & writer/director Steve McQueen since the powerfully emotive biographical drama Hunger. Shame focuses on New Yorker Brandon, [Fassbender] who avoids intimacy but is compulsively addicted to sex. When his troubled younger sister [Carey Mulligan] comes to stay with him in his apartment, he finds his orderly life disrupted by her presence and reminders of their unhappy past. Written by McQueen & Abi Morgan Shame also stars Nicole Beharie & James Badge Dale. Hit the jump for the details.

Synopsis: ‘Shame’ is scheduled to be released December 2nd in the US, and January 13th in the UK. ‘Shame’ follows Brandon (Michael Fassbender), a thirty-something man, closed from emotional contact, lonely, unable to manage his sex life and moving towards self-destruction. When his wayward younger sister moves into his apartment stirring memories of their shared painful past, Brandon’s insular life spirals out of control.

The trailer comes via The Guardian.

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