Charlize Theron Set to Star in Remake of Dutch Thriller 'ZWART WATER'!

Summit Entertainment will remake Dutch supernatural thriller Zwart Water [Black Water] with Scott Derrickson helming the project & Charlize Theron starring. The director penned the new version with screenwriter Paul Boardman. THR report that Theron has had the rights to remake the film, which was titled Two Eyes Starring for international distribution, since last year for her Denver and Delilah Films. Elbert Van Strien, Claudia Brandt & JJ Harris will executive produce. The movie is about a young girl who discovers that her dead friend is actually her mother’s twin. Theron will star as the mother. Hit the jump for the details.

Synopsis: "Nine-year-old Lisa has always thought that her mother, Christine, looked at her like she was someone else. As a result, Lisa feels disconnected from her mother, but is very close to her father, Paul. When her maternal grandmother dies leaving the family a huge old house, Lisa and her parents move from Holland to Belgium. The house was Christine's childhood home, but she had a falling out with her mother and hadn't been back in years.Moving to a new location can be a very traumatic experience for a nine-year-old girl. Lisa is lonely, bored and frankly a little bit put out (particularly with her mother) for putting her through the move. To ease the isolation, Lisa creates an imaginary friend to keep her company and join her on her explorations of the large, old house. Her parents aren't terrifically concerned about this development. Lisa has always had an active imagination and actually left an old imaginary friend back in Holland.When her invisible friend starts to explain secrets about her mother's childhood and her previously unmentioned twin sister, however, the fabric starts to unravel in this small family unit. Tensions increase, Lisa's behavior becomes erratic and potentially dangerous, and nuances are unearthed about Christine's childhood secrets that cast them in a very sinister light."
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