The Poster for 'RED LIGHTS' starring Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver & Cillian Murphy!

A new international poster has been released for Rodrigo Cortes' [Buried] supernatural thriller Red Lights. The movie focuses on two skeptical investigators [Sigourney Weaver & Cillian Murphy] who are on a mission to expose practitioners of psychic arts [Robert De Niro] as frauds. Elizabeth Olsen [Martha Marcy May Marlene] co-stars. Hit the jump to check it out.

Synopsis: "A film about how the brain does not give a true picture of reality. Sigourney Weaver will play Margaret Matheson in a film that follows a para-psychologist who attempts to debunk a very reputable psychic who has just returned to the limelight after 30 years. In the film, Robert De Niro stars as Simon Silver, a legendary psychic, perhaps the most famously gifted of all time, who returns after thirty years of mysterious absence to become the world’s greatest challenge to orthodox science and professional skeptics. Meanwhile, paranormal fraud investigator Tom (Cillian Murphy) begins to develop a dense obsession Silver, whose magnetism is enhanced dangerously with each new manifestation of inexplicable phenomena."

Poster via Bloody-Disgusting.

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