'PROMETHEUS' The TEASER TRAILER Captured Still Images from Comic Con! [Updated]

Update: At the Request of 20th Century Fox we have been instructed to remove Images which rightfully belong to the studios.

20th Century Fox released a Teaser Trailer at this years ComicCon for Ridley Scott's highly anticipated Sci-Fi behemoth Prometheus, while many who could not make the convention in San Diego hoped the Teaser would be released online, small signals led to the belief that we would have to wait a long, long time. Well this may not be the case for we now at least can see some captured stills from the mysterious footage. If you do not want to view the images then I recommend you to move along because they contain explicit details & spoilers. Hit the jump to check them out!

Now that the images are finding their way online, one would hope Fox would consider releasing the ComicCon footage earlier as most likely a bootlegged version of the teaser will surely appear online. Thanks to 'Avid357' for forwarding us the images. The images despite being seriously low-res does bring this to mind.

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