New Details Emerge On Lars Von Trier's 'THE NYMPHOMANIAC' Which Begins Shooting in 2012.

When it was first announced that Lars von Trier would be titling his next movie: The Nymphomaniac, with the following description attached "a woman’s erotic birth, a woman who discovers her eroticism," a couple of brows were raised [amongst other things]. The directors follow up to Melancholia is currently being developed and today a little more info has emerged. ScreenDaily reports that the film will be quite sexually graphic so Von Trier is planning, "two versions, one a hardcore cut likely to feature scenes of penetration and a softer version that can be shown in more mainstream cinemas. Despite the likely graphic sexual content, the project is understood to be primarily dialogue-driven." Producer on the project, Peter Aalbæk Jensen stated: "He [Von Trier] is really keen on doing this thing. I think that this will be a very amusing film also, very erotic but very funny also. I guess we have something which could generate some press attention. How pornographic it will be, that we have to see in terms of what financing dictates." Similar to Dogville and Manderlay, the story will be split up into eight chapters, with titles that include "The Western and Eastern Church" and "The Little Organ School." Von Trier's latest offering Melancholia which stars Kirsten Dunst arrives November 11th.

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