Damon Lindelof talks PROMETHEUS, STAR TREK & that 'ALIEN HARVEST' Script!

Damon Lindelof, that man recently caught up with Collider and talked Prometheus, the untitled Star Trek sequel & other such fruits of his loins. Interestingly he states that Prometheus is being designed 'to make people think' & whether he would be interested in working on Star Wars. Hit the jump to check it out.

Rundown: 0:50 – If he was asked to do Star Wars, would he do it.  
3:25 – How much times does he think about it before he tweets. 
5:05 – Prometheus talk. What should people be looking forward to? "it’s designed to make people think…and I hope it does." 
7:35 – Alien Harvest question. After asking it…my friend told me it’s a script going around the net that is fake. He wanted me to get him to say it was a fake. 
8:00 – How is the Star Trek sequel coming along. Says it’s now his full time job and that J.J. is also just doing Trek 2 right now. Also says, “I feel like the bar we’ve set for ourselves is that it has to be better than the first movie. It has to justify itself for being a sequel and it has to go in a direction that you don’t entirely expect but feels familiar enough to sort of honor the forty years of tradition that people have invested in this incredible pop culture phenomenon. The challenge is immense and all I can say is…we’re on it.” 
9:38 – If he was asked to do a Star Trek TV show would he do it.

If your having problem viewing because of region, head over to collider.
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