Beverage Company Publish Set Photo from RIDLEY SCOTT'S 'PROMETHEUS' which Reveals Obelisks!

A beverage company from Iceland have posted an image direct from Ridley Scott's set [Lawsuit] on location displaying an advertisement for their company although they reveal a lot more than probably they would want to. I love this story. Hit the jump for the details.

The company 'Icelandic Glacial Water' posted the image on their Facebook page with the following:

"Ridley Scott is filming his new movie, Prometheus in Iceland these days and we make sure everyone stays hydrated on set...."

AlienPrequelNews who broke the story noted that co-producer Tony Scott appears to be standing just to the left of the black tent and in the middle of the image their appears to be a camera. Whats really interesting is that what we are looking at is a set, not just location. Towards the left we see somebody appearing to frame a shot and if you look to the right you can make out a Xenomorph beside those constructed Obelisks. 

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