The First Set Image From RIDLEY SCOTT'S "PROMETHEUS" Reveals ..A Bunch Of Crates!

An image has emerged online reportedly originating from Pinewood Studios in the U.K, more interestingly the image apparently comes directly from the sets of Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus, the highly anticipated film which is currently deep in production at Pinewood right now. The image is admittedly pretty strange. Hit the jump to check it out.

The image comes via AlienPrequelNews, a very trusted source of news on Prometheus. Their source states:

"The crew have stacked up massive walls of crates around the backlots at Pinewood to shield a bunch of vehicles used in Prometheus from nosy fans like you and me. The backlots are usually quite visible from the public parks that surround the studio, so the crew decided to order in a large amount of crates and stack them up around the backlots to hide the motorised vehicles they're using in Prometheus."

So behind those crates may lay some very exciting constructions. Google Earth anybody? On inspection it does appear that the crates are aligned and constructed to house the very large Green-screen present in the image and is the second stack of crates shielding that or is that a decoy to what lays behind? Come on Pinewood sources lets av sum updates mate! Wos in dere?

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