The Bodyguard, don't you just hate it when you cry to seriously heavy hitting chick flicks, due to Irish genealogy I am such a stern rock, with a heightened sense of emotional intelligence, I have successfully repelled nonsense like Dirty Dancing but when confronted with vulnerable heart tugging one liners I become a sixteen year old schoolgirl at that time of the month and usually pretend something is in my eye. I cried buckets when I saw The Road, It was ridiculous. Even thinking about it now. Like The Road, The Bodyguard is no chick flick, it was an expertly crafted and contained work that evolved beautifully, albeit like all blockbusters built on very formulaic structuring. Well the news broke today that Warner Bros have decided to remake director Mick Jackson's 1992 original and have hired screenwriters Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer on the back of their 2010 "Black Listed" film Family Getaway and boy have these two got ideas.

They will update the original story of a former Secret Service agent turned Bodyguard who falls deeply and unprofessionally in love with his client, a major pop singer and pain in the ass. The new film is full of changes, the Bodyguard will now be an Iraqi war veteran who is tasked with dealing with the ability of social media and celebrity journalism which makes the life of a celebrity more public than ever. Its an ambush of tweets and Bebo, but I have war experience. The female role is being constructed as a starring vehicle for a “young female singer with global appeal.” Is it just me or is Mick Jackson the most amazing name for a director from the eighties, I can picture him lounging around in some in Berlin, rolled sleeves in a white Jacket chatting to his incredibly hot children over skype whilst they travel through Morocco. The original Film made $400 million smackers at the ole theaters, and as we know Hollywood has run out of ideas right now this could be the first of many more remakes. The news comes via Deadline who as Screenrant put it the website that does not know what an outgoing link is. Harhar.

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