Principle photography on J.J. Abrams Super 8 begins this week in Weirton, West Virginia where the production has taken root - one of Weirton's locals has taken some pictures. Weirton will serve as "Lillian Heights" in Super 8’s Lillian, Ohio, as you can see the production design team is going for a small town Amblin film feel.

Shouldn’t be too hard with Steven Spielberg sitting in the producer’s seat. Elle Fanning and Kyle Chandler recently joined the film. have this report with the photos.

A buddy of mine snagged some pictures from the area where Super 8
begins shooting this the Marland Heights area of Weirton,
WV. Attached are photo’s of: The “Lillian Heights Pharmancy” ; “Lillian
Heights Post Office” ; Interior shots of the Lillian Heights 7-11 &
Post Office (once a Marland Heights Market & Ice Cream Shop) ; Lillian
Middle School (once an old Marland Heights Primary School) and some
shots of the 70’s era buses behind the building ; Arcade from downtown
Lillian, OH (actually shot in the older section of Main Street,
Weirton, WV) ; Used Car Sales lot in the same vicinity. The last photo
is the older area of Weirton, where the Arcade, Used Car Lot and most
of the city shots will be taking place downtown. Filming begins this week in the Marland Heights and there will be
night shots around the school area. The casting calls are being sent
out between Sept 20th and the end of October so we’re hoping that
sometime in the next couple weeks we hear something and be a part of
Hollywood! Enjoy the photo’s, we’ll see if we can get some shots of
cast or crew in the coming weeks! If ya use this, I’m Cookie and my
buddy’s name is 3Huck, thanks AICN!

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