When Universal Pictures stated they intended to make a movie out of the Hasbro board game "Battleship", it sounded like one of the lamest ideas ever. Despite that, they continued on, attaching people to the cast like Taylor Kitsch And Rihanna. Peter Berg is directing the sci-fi action tale, centered on a fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals.
The real question, is "Battleship" a worthy investment for Universal?
"Battleship" is rounding out it's budget to be around $200 Million, not a good number for an iffy picture. Everyone knows that Universal isn't churning out hit after hit, so for them to go ahead with production on "Battleship" is strange for the studio. Obviously a lot of us would be hesitant to hear that Universal is still going through with "Battleship", which is why chairman Adam Fogelson speaks out about their decision.

"It's a big bet like many, many big bets from many studios," Universal chairman Adam Fogelson acknowledges. "We will be nowhere near the high point and nowhere near the low point of what people are spending."

"He has a very strong passion and affinity for this material," Fogelson said on Berg. "He is a fan of the history and the current state of the military. He knows that world really, really well, and he is inspirational when he is talking about it."

"Battleship" is set to begin principal photography within fifteen days. Is anyone interested in this board game turned film at all, or do you think Universal is setting themselves up for box office disaster?

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