MTV talked to Cloverfield director Matt Reeves, whose Let Me In opens October 1st, about the planned sequel to the 2008 monster film.

Is the Cloverfield monster dead? Was the military able to destroy it? These questions were on everyone’s mind as they left the theater after watching the film. Of course, if you left immediately after the film ended without waiting for the credits to run…what were you thinking? In a movie like this you always, stay for the end credits because you never know when they’re going to give you a little something extra. And if you stayed for the end credits you got two bonuses. One bonus was the really cool Overture music and the last was some static filled, garbled transmission that lasted a couple of seconds at the very, very end of the film. So what did the transmission at the end of the credits say? Unfortunately, listening to it at the end of the movie, it was impossible to understand. However, if you were to sneak a recording device into the movie and secretly record the garbled message then take it home and upload it to your computer where you digitally enhanced the static and then reverse the audio…you will clearly hear a voice saying, “It’s still alive.”
Matt Reeves, stated that, while himself and producer J.J. Abrams are concentrating on other things right now, there’s definitely still interest in returning to that universe.
It really isn’t the moment for [the sequel] to go any further than it has, but it continues to be a priority for both of us,” Reeves said. “J.J. is very immersed in putting together ‘Super 8.’ He’s... in pre-production and really, really passionately getting that together. And I’m passionately finishing ‘Let Me In.’ 

He also assured there’s no connection between Cloverfield and Super 8.

There literally is no connection whatsoever,” he added. “It’s just a really cool idea for a film. I know what [J.J. is] doing and it’s amazing.” 

Cloverfield cost just $25 million to make and earned $170 million worldwide.

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