Have 20th Century Fox Revealed Ridley Scott's 'PROMETHEUS 2' Release Date?

20th Century Fox have released a bunch of release dates for their upcoming pictures. Taken 3 arrives January 9th 2015, Paul McGuigan's Frankenstein moves from January 16th to October 2nd 2015 & a mystery Ridley Scott film arrives March 4th 2016 going up against an untitled Disney animated feature. An untitled Wolverine film will also open March 3rd 2017. Though no official word is confirming that this is in fact the release date for Prometheus 2 it is highly likely. Despite CineWorld stating that Fox planned to release the sequel on November 27th 2015 this new date of March, 2016 release date seems more plausible. We know that the script has been completed for some time. Click here if you wanna learn more & check out some extensive details on where we believe the sequel will go.

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