Boston Underground Film Festival

The BUFF, Boston Underground Film Festival is an annual and international event started in 1998 by film professor David Kleier. It gives particular attention to alternative, independent and provocative short films, documentaries and animations, but it is also a forum of discussion amongst filmmakers, curators and audiences. The 16th Annual BUFF is going to take place at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts, from 26th to 30th March 2014. If you are a lover of quirky movies, you cannot miss this largest underground film festival in New England. You don't even have to spend a lot, if you are quick enough, you may still find good price travel tickets and cheap hotels in Boston so that you prepare on time all you need for your journey. Hit the jump for the details.

So what about the history of BUFF? It all began as an informal film marathon produced by Kleier and Dima Ballin that slowly developed in a real festival in 1999 at the Revolving Museum in South Boston, an art gallery that was converted into a cinema for the occasion. It has been held in many different places like the Milky Way Lounge and Lanes in Jamaica Plain, the Allston Cinema Underground, the Arlington Regent Theatre or the Sommerville Theatre in Davis Square. Now it's going to take place in the Brattle Theatre.

The mascot of the festival is Bacchus a demonic black bunny with red eyes which is also the icon of the official award. There are three main categories of films that can be submitted to be part of this festival: feature films, a category that includes films of any genre that last more than 60 minutes, short films of any genre, that usually run about 20 minutes, and medium length films that are more than 20, but less than 60 minutes long. For 2014, the special awards of the festival will include the Best of Fest (for short and feature), Director’s Choice (feature and short) and the Special Jury Award. Another trophy, probably the most acclaimed for this event, is the “Most Effectively Offensive Film” of the year, which has been won by “See you next Tuesday” directed by Drew Tobia in 2013. Should you need any information, please check here the official website of the BUFF.

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