The First Trailer for 'HERCULES: THE LEGEND BEGINS' Starring Kellan Lutz & Liam McIntyre!

This first full-length trailer Renny Harlin’s Hercules: The Legend Begins has arrived. There are two big Hercules movies coming out next year & Hercules: The Legend Begins is the first of them. Kellan Lutz [Immortals] plays the legendary title character in the movie alongside Liam McIntyre who plays a young army captain who becomes Hercules’ most trusted battlefield companion. After an evil king deceives them, Hercules & his companion are sold into slavery & must fight side by side to earn their freedom. Scott Adkins plays the evil King Amphitryon. Gaia Weiss, Roxanne McKee & Luke Newberry also star. The other Hercules movie in the works is an untitled MGM/Paramount co-production directed by Brett Ratner starring Dwayne Johnson as the titular hero in the rival project. Hercules: The Legend Begins hits theatres spring 2014. Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

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