GAME NEWS: Check Out The Next Mobile Gaming Craze Set to Rival CANDY CRUSH!

Something new & exciting is coming to the mobile gaming Industry. Bingogodz, a new & immersive social media game from Bede Gaming that you can play on your mobile, tablet or desktop. The title is built with HTML 5, breaking new ground in terms of interactivity & playability allowing cross device support from a single set of source code. In addition to Bingo, you can also play casino-themed slot games, scratchcards, table games & instant win games for real money allowing players to wager, win & withdraw cash via a single wallet payment platform. It has been somewhat surprising that current bingo Industry leaders have not already capitalised on the popularity of social media gaming. You only have to look at the phenomenal success of titles such as the Candy Crush Saga to see the possibilities. Bingo Godz's Game play is designed around a selection of 36 'Godz' which provide players with bonuses & rewards. You can also gain favour by inviting other friends to the game, posting updates on social networking sites & other social actions. This is Bingo for the social media generation & is set to dominate. Check it out today!

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