About The 'TOMB RAIDER' Slots Game.

Tomb Raider is a multimedia franchise that has achieved iconic status since it was initially launched back in 1996. After all, who among us has not heard of Lara Croft – even those who had little or no interest in the video game origins of the series will have become familiar with the character and premise through real-world incarnations such as that of model Nell McAndrew and particularly the Hollywood movie version played by Angelina Jolie. Therefore, given that Tomb Raider has moved well beyond its origins it is no surprise that the online slots spin-off has become one of the most popular slots games amongst internet gambling enthusiasts. On the face of it, the tomb Raider slots game is a fairly standard online slot machine game, comprising five reels, fifteen paylines and an online slot which will take a total of seventy five different coin denominations. This latter feature clearly contributes to the global appeal of the game, as there will be few currencies that cannot be used for the game, and the wide variety of acceptable denominations ensures that no-one will have to gamble with higher denomination coins than they would be comfortable with. Download here in if you want a go. The Tomb Raider slot game was one of the first such games to allow the player to access the Bonus Game by means of the Free Spins feature – which is a common feature of most online slots games. In order to access this game, the user must get three of the ‘Golden Idol’ symbols during any spin, which then takes them to the screen for the Bonus Game. The ‘Wild’ symbol for this particular game – which means the symbol which can substitute for any other symbol in order to make up a winning line – is the official Tomb Raider logo symbol. While this will not work in terms of accessing the bonus game, it will act as a substitute to secure a payout.

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