Revealed! What Michael Fassbender's David Stated To The Engineer in 'PROMETHEUS'!

One of the most eventful & mysterious exchanges in Ridley Scott's Prometheus took place between David [Michael Fassbender] & an Engineer towards the end of the movie. The scene has ignited huge theories & raised many questions as to what exactly was spoken, the most obvious why did the Engineer react so aggressively & kill them all? Well today we now know what David actually stated, in fact a longer conversation took place between them both. Hit the jump for the details. Warning Spoilers.

In an early scene in the movie David is receiving lessons from a 'Professor' in the clip who is in fact real-life linguistics consultant Dr. Anil Biltoo of the SOAS Language Centre in London. Dr. Biltoo taught Michael Fassbender [David] the dialogue. The Bioscopist reined in Dr. Biltoo in order to reveal one of the main mysteries fans have been discussing in great detail since the movie was released.

Dr. Anil Biltoo: "The line that David speaks to the Engineer (which is from a longer sequence that didn’t make the final edit) is as follows: "/ida hmanəm aɪ kja namṛtuh zdɛ:taha/.../ghʷɪvah-pjorn-ɪttham sas da:tṛ kredah/" Translated into English is :"This man is here because he does not want to die. He believes you can give him more life."
I am not sure why the filmmakers deemed it necessary to keep the dialogue secret, especially when there are so many other 'Questions' that would have seemed clearer.

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