Harrison Ford In Early Negotiations To Reunite With Ridley Scott for 'BLADE RUNNER' Reboot!

Warner Bros-based production company Alcon Entertainment recently purchased the rights to make prequels/sequels to Ridley Scott’s cult sci-fi epic Blade Runner, the movie based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. Scott himself admitted he would return for a completely fresh reboot of the 1982 sci-fi classic with an expected arrival date of 2012. Today its being reported that Harrison Ford who played Rick Deckard in the original, an operative called out of retirement to track down a quartet of replicants consigned to slave labor on remote planets who have escaped to Earth seeking their creator to find a way to extend their short life spans has entered into early negotiations to join the new project. Hit the jump for the details.

Twitchfilm report:
"Twitch has learned that Harrison Ford has entered into early talks to join the new Blade Runner. While this is still very early stages and it is quite possible that things won't work out the obvious implication is that what we are looking at is not a reboot but a direct sequel to the original."
In 2006 Scott was asked "Who's the biggest pain in the arse you've ever worked with?", the director replied: "It's got to be Harrison ... he'll forgive me because now I get on with him. Now he's become charming. But he knows a lot, that's the problem. When we worked together it was my first film up and I was the new kid on the block. But we made a good movie." Alcon co-founders & co-Chief Executive Officers Broderick Johnson & Andrew Kosove will produce with Bud Yorkin & Cynthia Sikes Yorkin, along with Scott. Frank Giustra & Tim Gamble, CEO's of Thunderbird Films, will serve as executive producers.

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