Benedict Wong Reveals Who Pilots The Spaceship in Ridley Scott's 'PROMETHEUS'!

Actor Benedict Wong was a guest of comedian Peter Serafinowicz on his BBC 6 Radio show this past Saturday & the actor briefly revealed some info about his role Ravel in Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Wong also discussed some of the behind-the-scenes activity & hints about the connection between Prometheus & Alien. Hit the jump for the details.

Is Prometheus a prequel to Alien?

Wong: "Yeah... I don't... it's before, yeah. So it's in old space. Obviously set in the future, and before the time of Alien. Um... I can't really talk about it [laughs]."

Will we see a Xenomorph in Prometheus?

Wong: "So, it's like an alien rom-com of how the mum and dad met."

Prometheus will be shot in 3D, is it comparable to Avatar?

Wong: "Well, if you got very excited about the 3D usage on Avatar, it's gonna be like the next level now. The type of cameras they're using... I mean they're RED cameras, and the technicians that use those cameras are really excited about it."

Ridley likes to combine working in 3D with spectacles.

Wong: "Yeah, occasionally. You know like when you do a take, and what I like asking for is a PPB (personal playback). And so I sat down and put the glasses on, and then Ridley caught me. And you think you're doing something wrong in your dad's office or something. And he was absolutely fine. So I just sat down, just cranked it up... and I mean it looks fantastic."

Wong reveals that he & Scottish actor Emun Elliot's character, Chance, fly the spaceship Prometheus.

Wong: "Michael Fassbender is in it, Noomi Rapace, Kate Dickie, Emun Elliot – we both fly the ship- there’s a little bit of insight. The first day we started... We were all in on the first day, so we were all a bit kind of first day at school. And then when we walked up onto the spaceship, I just remember the first steps I took, and you could hear the metal grill"

Radio Interview embed courtesy of AlienPrequelNews.

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