'SPLICE' Director Vincenzo Natali Will Make Reverse Ghost Story 'HAUNTER'!

Vincenzo Natali [Splice] has finally chosen his next project. The reverse ghost story Haunter. Penned by Night Train scribe Brian King, who collaborated with Natali on 2002 sci-fi thriller Cypher, Haunter represents a twist on the familiar haunted house tale whereby it doesn't follow the human victim but will be told from the perspective of a spirit named Lisa. Lisa has been trapped in a house since she & her family fell victim to 'sinister circumstances' inside it in 1986. When a new girl named Olivia moves into the property, Lisa decides to haunt & possess her in an effort to keep her from meeting the same grisly end. BloodyDisgusting says that the film will go before the cameras in March in Toronto. 

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