SCREENWRITING TIPS & TECHNIQUES: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Screenwriting in 2012.

Screenwriters, finished that Script? What Next? >Interested in submitting your Screenplay to a Literary Agent in 2012? Looking for an inspiring & practical Guide, full of Comprehensive Screenwriting Tips & Techniques that will shift your focus from just trying to Sell That Script! We are proud to announce that our updated eBook Screenwriters Get Hired! The Studio Reader Agent & Development Producer's 18 Red-Flags! has arrived! The Screenwriters Bible that reveals the various filtration processes & 'Red-Flags' implemented by Studio Readers, Development Producers & Agents. Find out why 95% of submitted Scripts are rejected & I am not talking about Formatting! Also included is our recommended list of the 101 best Literary Agencies for you to submit your work to in 2012. Follow our Step by Step Screenwriting guide & make sure your Script does not arrive in a Body Bag.

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