Ridley Scott & Syd Mead's 1982 'BLADE RUNNER' Sketchbook Available Online for free!

Ridley Scott's Blade Runner was released almost 30 years ago & today the director & production designer Syd Mead's out-of-print Blade Runner sketchbook has now been made available online for free. The book contains 100+ production drawings & artwork for the classic 1982 sci-fi noir film, revealing how the filmmakers envisioned 2019. Edited by David Scroggy the now out of print book is still treasured by fans. According to the introduction, the filmmakers researched principles behind the future of "architecture, transportation, fashion and social behavior" to inform their work." Blade Runner is not a 'hardware movie," Mead stated, "It's not one of those gadget-filled pictures where the actors seem to be there only to give scale to the sets, props and effects." Hit the jump to check out the book.

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