Ridley Scott Reveals The Last Eight Minutes of 'PROMETHEUS' links to 'ALIEN'!

Director Ridley Scott recently caught up with Speakeasy & gave some insight into his upcoming sci fi behemoth Prometheus. The movie arrives June 8th 2012 & stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie, Logan Marshall-Green & Patrick Wilson. The director revealed a little about the main concept & described how the prequel [yes its a f**king prequel everyone] links to his original 1979 masterpiece Alien. Hit the jump for the details.

Synopsis: "Visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott returns to the genre he helped define, creating an original science fiction epic set in the most dangerous corners of the universe. The film takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world, where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life's ultimate mystery."
Scott revealed that the central metaphor of the film surrounds a higher being who challenges the gods & the gods just akin to the Greek myth don't want to grant him fire. "Fire is our first form of technology," states Scott, and so by taking fire, the higher being is punished "in perpetuity in a horrible fashion.". Scott also revealed that the last eight minutes of the Prometheus story evolve into "a pretty good DNA of the 'Alien' one." Nice.

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