Noomi Rapace Reveals Details about her Character 'Elizabeth Shaw' in Ridley Scott's 'PROMETHEUS'!

Noomi Rapace recently sat down with Norwegian news site OsloPuls, the actress who completed principle production on Ridley Scott's prequelesque© Prometheus last month has been doing the press rounds for her recent effort, the Norwegian thriller Baby Call in which she stars in. Rapace also opened up a little on her character Elizabeth Shaw. Hit the jump for the details. Prometheus also stars Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie, Patrick Wilson, Guy Pearce, Rafe Spall & Logan Marshall-Green. The movie hits theaters June 8th 2012. Scripted by Damon Lindelof, Jon Spaihts & Ridley Scott.

Noomi Rapace: "I play Elizabeth Shaw, a researcher & archaeologist. She is English but grew up in Africa as her father was a missionary. From him she developed a faith in God & self belief. She is the most complete person I have portrayed. She has an inner light, very stubborn & determined. She lost her parents when she was just a child, so she has from a young age known loneliness. But she is very intelligent. This is something I can translate to, to be able to survive for a long time you become strong but also fragile, because the wounded child within her has not developed naturally. One is emotional getting an easy break. She is full of hope, a dreamer, a little naive. In the middle of the film a lot of things take place & she is transformed into a warrior, another aspect of her springing to life."

On the similarities to Ellen Ripley portrayed by Sigourney Weaver in the the original 1979 Alien & sequels.

Noomi Rapace: "Yes absolutely! There is a kinship here. I saw Alien as a teenager and was totally 'blown away'. Can it really be that way! She [Ripley] was the first female lead! Ridley has, with both Alien & Thelma & Louise, awakened the dreams & hopes of many."
Prometheus hits theaters June 8th 2012.

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