The Most Amazing 'STAR WARS EPISODE VI: RETURN OF THE JEDI' Set Photos Ever Captured!

The [via /Film] have unveiled a bunch of pretty amazing set photos which were taken by fans who back in 1981 traveled deep into the Mojave Desert of southeastern California to search for a movie set where a production were filming a picture titled Blue Harvest somewhere in Buttercup Valley near Yuma Arizona. Blue Harvest of course was code for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. The images captured Jabba’s Barge on Tatooine being set up, Carrie Fisher hanging out between takes, Luke Skywalker filming, the Skiff, Speeder Bikes, Boba Fett & Kenny Baker without his R2 suit. Hit the jump to check it out. "It was the Spring of 1982. In the Southern California desert region known as Buttercup Valley, cameras were rolling on a film called BLUE HARVEST: HORROR BEYOND IMAGINATION. A SoCal science-fiction nut named Mike Davis had heard rumors about the production just having gotten under way. He and his pals decided to pack up some camping supplies and go check it out. This was the 1980s, a time when film productions were able to remain much more secretive than they do today, due in large part to the producers being able to stem the flow of information much more effectively in the absence of the internet. But just Earthling spies do their best work when boots are on the ground, so too would Mike Davis and his network of Bothan spies. " More.

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