GAME NEWS: Activision Release First 'MODERN WARFARE 3' Multiplayer Trailer & its Awesome!

Activision have released their first official multiplayer trailer for Modern Warfare 3. The Trailer shows almost four minutes of gameplay footage, most of it from a third-person perspective, showing off new perks, killstreak rewards & weapons including some tasty devices such as the frag grenade, flashbang, bouncing betty, EMP grenade, portable radar, claymore, trophy system [used to shoot down incoming rockets] & throwing knifes. Perks included Recon, Quickdraw, Stalker, Extreme Conditioning, Assassin, Sitrep, Blast Shield, Dead Silence, Blind Eye, Overkill & Sitrep, the last three of which were listed as their "Pro" versions. The Game will come with 16 maps available on the disc for live play. MW3 arrives this November 8th. Hit the jump to check out the video.

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