Woops! Another Accident on 'THE DARK KNIGHT RISES' Set As The "BATWING" Smashes Into Street Lamps!

Another accident has occurred on the set of The Dark Knight Rises! Last week Catwoman took out a camera while riding a Bat-Pod. Today the "Batwing" smashed into a street lamp during filming in Pittsburgh destroying almost an entire wing. Hit the jump to check out the images. 

Warning* images contain Spoilers. Updated: with Video.

The images come via SplashNews whom state:

SplashNews: "Another major accident of set of new Batman movie in Pittsburgh! The Batwing plane crash occured as it was speeding down the street in a chase scene when it went off course and actually hit a huge street light lamp and nearly destroyed the whole side of the only existing Batwing! The crew then did the scene over after fixing it as it took nearly an hour! No actors were hurt in the scene but a batman extra was spotted driving the Batwing in the street before the major crash!"
Update: SplashNews [via /Film] have posted footage of the crash.

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