TDKR Roundup! Riddler Rumors, The Catsuit Has Cat Ears, New Set Photos of Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

Christopher Nolan set up for another big scene in Pittsburgh today. As well as seeing another prototype Tumbler, a heavy military vehicle, and a snow-covered street, the spectators were also able to catch a new glimpse at Joseph Gordon-Levitt as 'John Blake'. Anne Hathaway who plays 'Catwoman' also revealed a little info on her favorite Catwoman ComicBook, more 'Riddler' rumors have raised their ugly heads & apparently the Catsuit does include Goggles & Cat Ears after all. The Dark Knight Rises arrives July 20th, 2012, and will also star Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman Marion Cottilard, Josh Pence, Tom Hardy & Morgan FreemanHit the jump for the details.
Warning* images contain Spoilers.

Update: Due to the request of the Studios we have removed costume spoiler details. 

Hathaway recently told MTV: "What I am happy to say is, if you didn’t like the photo, you only see about a 10th of what that suit can do." Also while speaking to Moviefone the actress revealed her favorite Catwoman ComicBook:

Hathaway: "There is a later one where it's the origin story of Selina [Kyle] and she's [the] Cat and she follows this guy into a museum because she wants to steal this piece, and she touches it and this guy is like 'You've defiled it with your female hands,' " said Hathaway. "[It also includes] her training to become a fighter and she has to battle the guy who was a jerk to her in the beginning, and you get to meet her master who believed in her and who gave her a shot."
The actress also discusses the first time Catwoman and The Dark Knight encounter each other in 1940 Batman #1. 

Hathaway: "They are on a ship, and Catwoman has been impersonating an old woman and Batman tears off her disguise -- and she's only known as the Cat [at this point] -- so she jumps at him, and is like 'I will claw your eyes out' and Batman's response to her is 'Quiet or Papa Spank.' I was like, thank god times have changed and Chris Nolan believes in equality of the sexes."
The Return of the dreaded Riddler Rumors. Hypable claims a 'legitimate source' described a supposed "official casting document" to them taken from back in April, in which the cast of The Dark Knight Rises was listed alongside their characters. This is how it appeared: 

BANE (LEAD) – Tom Hardy
SELINA KYLE (LEAD) – Anne Hathaway
FEMALE LEAD (LEAD) – Marion Cotillard (attached)
The latest Set images include Joseph Gordon Levitt & a lot of snow, the production returned to the streets of Pittsburgh after a one day break yesterday. Big Thanks to the Guys over at SuperheroHype forums for the images. We also have a spectator's set description. [via CBM]

Spectator: "Joseph Gordon Levitt is in this scene... He's in street clothes holding a gas can walking past the church while the tumbler just rolls by.""Huge military vehicle (the black one I couldn't get pictures of earlier) is now following the tumbler up the street, same slow pace.""3 mercenary looking guys on the scene with big guns. They're in green camo though, different outfits than we've seen before."

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