Sienna Guillory in Negotiations to Reprise her role as Jill Valentine in 'RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION'!

Sienna Guillory aka Jill Valentine from Resident Evil: Apocalypse & Resident Evil: Afterlife, has today revealed via her twitter account: "Big day tomorrow! Meeting Paul Anderson and Jeremy Bolt and Robert Kultzer to see what my future looks like..." The actress' involvement in upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution had been somewhat called into question when rumors emerged that she was set to be replaced in the franchise. So there you are, Guillory still may reprise her role as Valentine if she can work out a new deal with the moguls. I am all for the actress reprising her role but to be honest the first time I saw promotional material for her involvement I thought she was replacing Milla Jovovich. Is it me or do all the actresses in this franchise look the same? Paul W.S. Anderson is directing Resident Evil: Retribution in Russia, Canada & Japan with his wife Milla Jovovich reprising her role as Alice. Screen Gems will release September 14th 2012.

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