Olivia Wilde & Noomi Rapace face off for Roles in Universals epic sci-fi Adaption 'HORIZONS'!

Jessica Chastain [Tree of Life], Olivia Wilde [Tron: Legacy], Brit Marling [Another Earth], Noomi Rapace [The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus] & Olga Kurlenko [Quantum of Solace] are all auditioning this Saturday to star across Tom Cruise in Joseph Kosinski’s epic sci fi Graphic Novel adaption Horizons. [Universal have scrapped their new title Oblivion & reverted to the projects former working title Horizons for the time being.] Scripted by William Monahan & Karl Gadjusek with Michael Arndt doing the polishing, the story is based on an unpublished graphic novel by Kosinski. The story takes place in an apocalyptic future that finds humanity living in clouds above the uninhabitable Earth, Cruise plays Jack, a soldier relegated to staying on the planet to work on drones that seek out & destroy a savage alien life form. Variety report that there are two key female roles in the film: a woman named Victoria who is Cruise’s "right-hand man and lover" & keeps him company while he’s repairing drones & Julia, his fiancee before Earth was invaded. Horizons hits theaters July 19th 2013. I do not see a clear front-runner although Wilde has worked with Kosinski before in Tron: legacy.

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