New Set Images Reveal Two Vehicles from Ridley Scott's 'PROMETHEUS'!

Some more revealing Prometheus set images have emerged online. Chris over at Alien Prequel News has revealed some pretty amazing photos from the sets of Ridley Scott's sci fi behemoth. The images come from Pinewood studios in the UK where Prometheus was being shot earlier in the summer & feature two large vehicles used in the upcoming movie. Hit the jump to check them out. Prometheus hits theaters in 3D on June 8th 2012 & stars Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, Ben Foster & Patrick Wilson.

Update: Images removed by request of Studios.

APN: "This source has also informed me that the image of what was thought to be rocket engines I posted earlier this month are actually not rocket engines but huge air vents from inside a space ship. The first of today's images shows the vehicle we've previously seen glimpses of in the grainy SDCC 2011 images, and the second image looks a bit like one of the 'feet' seen on the right hand side in the official image.My source tells me this is in fact a huge lifter."

The vehicle in the image above has already made an appearance in the footage released at Comic Con [Captured below]. Whats really interesting is the red logo on the side panel which basically appears to be an early variation of the Weyland Yutani logo.

The second image above matches the machinery in the first official image released below. If the rumors are to be believed Charlize Theron who plays Meredith Vickers is extracting an 'organic entity' & making an escape. As APN's source states the vehicle is "in fact a huge lifter." An early proto loader from Aliens? Overall whats nice to see is the faithful representation of Prometheus' technology not looking too futuristic compared to Scott's 1979's Alien. Although its worth mentioning that Damon Lindelof has stated that Prometheus will cover past present & future time [in reference to Alien].

Chris also posted one more image of an Alien tunnel [below]. Hopefully it will not be long before the studios releases some footage for those who could not attend ComicCon.

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