Milla Jovovich Cannot Recognize Evil in First Trailer for Psychological Thriller 'FACES IN THE CROWD'!

First Look Pictures have released the first International trailer for their upcoming thriller Faces in the Crowd. The new movie written and directed by Julien Magnat stars Milla Jovovich as an elementary school teacher who suffers from a rare case of facial amnesia following a brutal encounter with a serial killer. The movie also stars Michael Shanks, Sarah Wayne Callies, Julian McMahon, Adam Harrington, Sandrine Holt, Valentina Vargas & Anthony Lemke. Magnat, directing from his own screenplay, has mostly television show credits on his resume. The movie arrives in theaters this September & First Look Pictures will release it on DVD and Blu-ray on October 25th. Hit the jump to check it out.

Synopsis: "The film chronicles the account of elementary school teacher Anna Marchant (Milla Jovovich), who is attacked by a serial killer known only as Tearjerk Jack and survives, but is left to struggle with a neurological disorder commonly referred to as face-blindness (prosopagnosia). Only able to recognize voices, she fights to adapt to her diagnosis and the ever-changing faces of those around her. Working with Detective Kerrest (Julian McMahon), Anna races to identify her attacker. All the while the killer is closing in, determined to eliminate this potential witness. Only Anna has seen his face – and he could be anyone."

The trailer comes via DreadCentral. Synopsis via ShockTillYouDrop.

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