The International Trailer for Lars Von Trier's Psychological Disaster movie 'MELANCHOLIA'!

Magnolia Pictures have released an International trailer for Lars von Trier's upcoming Melancholia. The movie stars Kirsten Dunst & Charlotte Gainsbourg as two sisters whose relationship deteriorates as a previously-undiscovered planet called 'Melancholia' threatens to collide with Earth. The psychological slash disaster movie received critical acclaim on its premier in Cannes while Dunst was named Best Actress at the festival. Melancholia also stars Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Rampling, Alexander Skarsgaard, Stellan Skarsgard, Udo Kier & John Hurt. Magnolia Pictures have announced that they will release the film on VOD October 7th, before a limited release in theaters on November 11. I am looking forward to this one. Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

Synopsis: "Justine (Kirsten Dunst) and Michael (Alexander Skarsgard) are celebrating their marriage at a sumptuous party in the home of her sister Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg), and brother-in-law John (Kiefer Sutherland). Despite Claire’s best efforts, the wedding is a fiasco, with family tensions mounting and relationships fraying. Meanwhile, a planet called Melancholia is heading directly towards Earth."
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