Universal Release the First Trailer for $200 Million Epic 'BATTLESHIP'

Universal Studios have released a trailer for their $200 million military/sci-fi "based on a Hasbro's board game" movie Battleship. I don't know how much more "jock rock shlock" this world can take but the trailer seems to induce plenty more all American macho BS, although the CGI does look pretty impressive I don't think the script will back that up enough. There is only one Michael Bay. Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

Synopsis: "A story of an international Navy fleet engaged in a very dynamic and intense battle against an alien race is known as “The Regents”. The aliens come to planet Earth, on a mission to build a power source in the ocean. Upon their visit, they come in contact with a navy fleet. The film is also purported to show both sides of the story, from the aliens’ perspective, as well as the humans."
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