Rose Byrne Talks 'X-MEN: FIRST CLASS' Sequels!

Australian actress Rose Byrne recently sat down with IGN who quizzed her on her thoughts on the very possible X-Men: First Class sequel. The very talented actress who stared as 'Moira MacTaggert' in Matthew Vaugh's X-Men: First Class revealed that that she has signed on for three films and that as we previously gathered the sequel depended on how well the first film did. Hit the jump for the details.
Rose Byrne: "Yeah, we all had to sign on for three, I believe. Well, I did anyway. But as of right now I have no idea if they're planning on doing another one. But that was the idea depending on how it all went, I suppose. We'll see though. I loved working on it and loved working with the cast. I loved Matthew Vaughn. I also loved the style. The era and the fashion. And it was kind of kitsch-y and funny. It was a really fun and sophisticated superhero movie. I'm very proud of the film."
X-Men: First Class took in $145 million at the US box office, some have complained it could have taken more but the fact Vaughn cast a bunch of upcoming talent instead of superstars & with the competition it’s done pretty well. Most importantly its a damn good movie with great performances excluding January Jones. Hopefully enough for 20th Century Fox to consider a sequel.

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